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Performance Bond

In addition to paying an affiliation fee, each member team entering NEOASA shall be required to post and maintain a Performance Bond. This bond shall be returned upon request after the last game of the year if the member team then is in good standing with NEOASA. The purpose of this bond shall be to insure the member team's performance in accordance to the NEOASA Bylaws, and to insure its satisfaction of financial obligations to NEOASA. This bond shall be relinquished in whole or part if a member team fails to perform in accordance with the NEOASA Bylaws, or to satisfy its financial obligations to NEOASA.

  Performance Bond Form

Team Registration

Any soccer team or organization in the Green Country area shall be admitted to membership in the Northeast Oklahoma Adult Soccer Association (NEOASA) upon written application to and acceptance by the NEOASA Executive Committee.

A team or organization that is admitted as a member of NEOASA shall be eligible for competition and attend meetings only while in good standing with respect to the payment of dues and fees.

The conditions of membership of a team or organization shall be set forth in the NEOASA Bylaws as an agreement between the team or organization being admitted and the Executive Committee.

Team Rep Responsibilities

Player Registration

Individual player registration shall be by the soccer year (September 1 through August 31). An individual player's registration shall not be transferable from one player to another after validation.

An amateur player shall not be restricted as to the member team for which he or she may play provided he or she and the team which he or she intends to join both comply with the Rules and Regulations. An amateur player shall be registered for ONLY ONE TEAM AT A TIME.

Every amateur player shall be registered on an Amateur Player Registration Form, duly completed and submitted to NEOASA's Registrar.

Each member team shall require all players to register with the United States Soccer Federation, Inc.

If you are registering Under-19 players on your team please complete the Under-19 consent form.

Player/Team Payment


Each member team of NEOASA shall pay an affiliation fee to NEOASA for each soccer year. This fee shall provide funds for NEOASA's normal operating expenses.

Player Liability

It is requested that each of the players be allowed to participate as a player with a team operating under the jurisdiction of the Northeast Oklahoma Adult Soccer Association for the current soccer season.

Each player acknowledges that in consideration for the being allowed to participate, that they will forever hold harmless the said NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA ADULT SOCCER ASSOCIATION, ITS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, MEMBERS, COACHES, TEAM REPRESENTATIVES, SPONSORS, REFEREES, THE CITIES, TOWNS AND THEIR PARKS DEPARTMENTS IN WHICH COMPETITION WILL BE PLAYED, from injury or damage which is suffered by such player as a result of their participation in such soccer activity. 

Each play further acknowledges that an element of risk is associated with the game of soccer as with any other sport activity and that they specifically assume such risk. PLAYER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THEY ARE AWARE THE NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA ADULT SOCCER ASSOCIATION PROVIDES MINIMAL MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE. Each player certifies that the information shown on the roster is correct

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